2015 - Day One


These are the words (pardon the French) I will continue to try and live by during the 2015 calendar, along with the visual depiction of my physique goal I will continue working towards. Noting: "continue". Don't wait for the 11:59pm to 12:00am red-to-green light to change for the better.

To all using the mystical powers of the new year, I urge you to set short term, realistic, and attainable goals for 2015. If you're new to a fitness routine or just getting back into routine after a layoff, I'd be more supportive of a goal to work out 2 days per week the entire year than to work out 5 times per week and burn out by mid-February. Consistency = Longevity.

For professional assistance/support with these goals, contact me for training in northern Ohio or Online Training on planet Earth_

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