Know Sweat

[The following read is an article I wrote for IlluminActive, which is a new fitness lifestyle brand/website that I co-started with two close friends]

Fit people tend to sweat more and start sweating sooner than those who are unfit. This is mainly because their bodies are more efficient at cooling, with evaporation being primary means of heat loss during exercise. Excess layers of clothing and/or non-breathable clothing inhibit some of this body cooling, which can lead to increased core temperature and quicker exhaustion. This is the reason an exercise session in a hot or humid environment seems more difficult even if it's a routine you're usually capable of. While I agree that Bradley Cooper can do no wrong, his character in Silver Linings Playbook wasn't doing himself any good wearing that garbage bag track suit. To stay cool, opt to show a little more skin (within boundaries of good taste, please) next time you're working out in the heat. Another good tip is to choose a workout shirt that is made of a high percentage of a breathable fabric like polyester, which you can pick up from our web store by clicking REP.


Next time someone's calling you gross for being a sweaty mess, you can counter with this morsel of knowledge. "Like" if you, like myself, brought heather gray workout clothing back into rotation after learning this. 

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