Meal-in-a-Minute: Chicken & Sante Fe Rice + Avocado

I'm all about finding good meals that are both quick and inexpensive. This takes me 2 minutes to prepare, all said n' done and costs me about $4.50 at Giant Eagle. For some people it will make two full meals. Either way, it makes an excellent pre workout option due to the higher sodium content, lean protein, and complex carbohydrate.

1 pack Uncle Ben's Ready Rice - Whole Grain Medley Sante Fe
1 can white chicken
1/2 sliced avocado 

Microwave the rice for 90 seconds on high while you crack open the chicken & slice your avocado in half. Das it. 

Bulking? Fast metabolism?... you're good to go. eat up 

Cutting? Watching calories?... eat half and throw the other half in tupperware for the next day

Watching sodium?... throw in fresh cooked chicken instead


Full recipe MACROS: 
Protein = 50g
Carbohydrates = 90g
Fats = 24g

(I'll let you calculate half)