Tune Out Hocus-Pocus: REFOCUS

It's hump day; time to refocus on the now as it shifts to the latter half of the week. Today, give yourself a pat on the back for what you've accomplished, but continue to hold yourself accountable for what's still yet to be so. It's easy to lose sight of what's in your control with all of the outside interference, aka, "hocus-pocus" of today's world; one such example being those who have (or seemingly have) what you want...

My clients/family/friends are often getting discouraged, asking me, "how come (insert name) lost more weight than me?" or "gained muscle quicker than me?". There are things I could say that provide insight and ease angst, though, there is no answer. Everyone is only competing against themselves. Against the odds: time, genetics, naysayers, setbacks, etc. This post is also to remind myself. Once we stop comparing our progress to that of others, we can take greater pride in our own accomplishments_