Weather Shouldn't Decide Whether

[The following read is an article I wrote for IlluminActive, which is a new fitness lifestyle brand/website that I co-started with two close friends]


Weather shouldn't decide whether you workout or not.

As a trainer I hear every excuse in the book, but one that always has me biting my tongue is, "I was going to go out for a _____ (insert partially-weather-dependent activity), but the weather was crappy". If you're thinking, "then why didn't he or she just workout inside?", then I guess I'm not crazy and alone. A lot of areas of the country are getting hit with nasty weather this year, and although spring has officially sprung, that doesn't mean we have Mother Nature's full cooperation just yet.

You really don't need a home-gym or even a gym membership to get an effective workout. The following routine should only take 20 to 30 minutes to complete, using primarily body weight resistance and a few things every home should have to get your workout IN without going OUT:

  • Warmup     5 minutes     Light aerobic activity (i.e. jumping jacks, invisible jump rope)

Exercise                              Sets x Reps        Level I                   Level A                         Rest
Body Squats                            2 x 20                                              Jump Squats                30 sec          
Pushups                                   2 x 15                From knees            Plyometric/clap           30 sec
Towel under-foot Arm Curl     2 x 15                                                                                    30 sec
Triceps Dip on Chair                2 x 15                                               Legs elevated              30 sec
Calf Raises on Stair-edge        2 x 20                                              Single leg                     30 sec
Superman                                 2 x 15                                                                                    30 sec
Floor Crunches                         2 x 20              Feet on floor          Feet elevated               30 sec
Side Plank                                 2 x fatigue     On forearm            On extended arm         30 sec

  • Cool-down 5 minutes     Light movement (i.e. walking around, mixing protein shake)
                                                   Static stretching - optional, though encouraged - 2 sets x 30 sec

What's the deal with the levels? Well, I'm glad you asked...

Level I = Initiating exercise (beginner) to intermediate (some recent or past exercise experience)
Level A = ACTIVE level for those looking to challenge themselves and push their boundaries                

*Those who feel they're in between Level I and Level A should create their own middle-ground exercise modifications as they make the transition between. This will be known as Level I-A.