Healthy Snacks 2016: Quick Meals to Save Time and Stay On Your Nutrition Plan

If you follow on me on social media, then you know that I occasionally post healthy snacks that I've been incorporating into my diet, along with some tidbits about its nutritional information and where you can get them. People have asked me for snack recommendations lately and I've realized it's a lot easier to say, "Here ya go" and send them all in one nice tidy place versus sending them all through backdated social posts. And so explains the reasons for today's writeup. I've compiled all the best snacks from the past year or so that haven't worked themselves out of the lineup for one reason or another.

Something I'm big on is simplifying everything humanly possible, and you can bet this effects how I eat every day. Let's be real... Raise your hand if you've had time to consistently cook the complete healthy meals they always show in the magazines and in most blogs. I know a lot of people who –once a week– take the time to pick up all 50 of the ingredients and spend their Sunday evening preparing a meal, that with cleanup, taking up about a three to four chunk of time; only maybe 20 minutes of which you actually spent enjoying it. I don't know many people who can pull this off consistently. Think about how much easier it'd be to stick to your exercise and nutrition regimens if you could knock eating out in 20 minutes all said n' done. Even 10.

I've been amazed how much time eating some of these quick healthy meals has helped me free up time to sleep more, not shorten my workouts due to time restraints, and most importantly –call my grandmother. If you have a family and weeknight family dinners are something you cherish, I'm not saying you can't and shouldn't still enjoy that routine. Though, if you're looking to add a few hours to the day and live healthier because of it, try a couple of the following snacks (or meals depending on your definition and how much) in place of that morning breakfast-run or lunch out with the coworkers.

Scroll, slide, swipe, or do whatever you're doing and take a look for something you might like. If interested in purchasing any of these snacks, you can click/tap on the picture and it will redirect you to the the product within Amazon. Once you're in Amazon, you'll technically be in my Amazon store, so [to be completely transparent] I will receive a commission if your order anything. That's certainly NOT my intention of writing this post, but is a nice added perk and would be greatly appreciated over giving all your money to the local grocer or Walmart. My intention of writing this post is to help make it EASIER for you to eat healthy and follow your macros –if that's something you do. If you're a current client of mine –it better be! Mark my words... I'm writing a book on this topic someday and I'm tentatively calling it 'Simplify-It-Diet', but until that day comes, you get the shortened preview.

Now, without further ado. My healthy snack selections for 2016, along with a super quick review:


"Obligatory seasonal food/snack post from a healthy perspective: SuperSeedz pumpkin seeds -cinnamon sugar.

Mild, yet friggin delicious. And for those of you on the 'clean' eating wagon [fall insert #2], it doesn't get any cleaner than this; high protein, non-GMO, and allergen friendly. See for yourself"



"My new fav snack for when the sweet-tooth fairy visits. Short list of 'clean' ingredients, non-GMO, and rich enough that 1 serving satisfies. Got mine for $3.50/bag Heinen's "


"These taste exactly like Flintstones Push-Pops. Remember those?

Dannon OIKOS Triple Zero Nonfat Greek Yogurt☝ is a good anytime high-protein snack (15g), in particular breakfast for those of you who like to eat breakfasty things to start your day"

"These have been on my radar but not my tongue till today. You never expect TOO much on taste when it's a protein product but these were damn good and made a nice afternoon on-the-go-holdover-till-dinner snack 😋

#‎Macros ... (1 package)

Protein = 20g

Net/Active Carbs = 4g
Fat = 17g from nuts + nut butter

That equals 240 calories for you calorie counters. Don't expect Reese's sweetness but these make a solid sweet-tooth repellant_ Quest Nutrition"

"Most protein bars are full of crap and taste bad. These aren't and don't. @oatmegabar is the only packaged bar I've seen that uses grass-fed whey; also containing Omega3s. Found mine at Giant Eagle but know they're also at Walmart.

Macro nutrition for 1 bar...
Calories 190
Fat 7g
Carb 21g
Protein 14g

Mint is my fav flav. Trainer approved. Try, taste, and tell me your thoughts"

"My food/fuel recommendation this week is Healthy Choice Café Steamers SIMPLY, which is a newer selection of their frozen meals with only a few basic ingredients. When it comes to ingredients, less is more healthy. And for the lazies out there, you don't even have to vent the film cover👌 🍲

Low fat, high protein, moderate carb, relatively low-calorie, and taste is good considering the aforementioned. Look for em' @gianteagle and please comment if elsewhere"

"No need to leave the workstation for brunch when you can knead your Munk Pack instead. Quick and healthy food goods from our friends in the woods 🐿 @munkpack 

🔋⚖ Macros/1 Packet
Protein = 2g
Carbohydrate = 20g
Fat = 2g
(Calories = 100) 

☑️ 550MG omega-3, 4g fiber, nothing artificial, gluten free, non gmo, kosher, vegan, bpa-free pouch, & wholegrain"



"These new #Bai drinks are pretty dee-lish, and this flavor in particular has additional electrolytes and smidgen of caffeine making for a great pre workout or hot-summer-day drink. 

@drinkbai highlights:
•5 calories per 1/2 bottle
•No artificial sweeteners
•1 net carb per serving
•Caffeine = ~ 1 cup green tea🍵 "


"My new flavorite snack; good, tender, GRASS-FED steak strips (jerky) with 11g protein per serving; perfect for summer on-the-go snacking. 

Gluten Free / No Added MSG or Preservatives, FYI"


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Thanks fo reating (get it? 😏 )