Understanding Your Body Type For Fitness


Know thy body type/somatotype to better know WHAT to do to transform your body. Above are the three generally accepted somatotypes, each of which warrant a unique training style and dietary needs. And yes, there are most certainly tweeners as most are.


Ectomorphs are primarily characterized by taller and more slender builds, with smaller/narrow bone structure. Ectomorphs, also called 'Ectos' or 'Hardgainers', are typically leaner naturally; they can lose weight easily but have a difficult time gaining bodyweight. Performance wise, these individuals may be best equipped for endurance events, non-contact sports, or sports and activities where being lighter works to one's advantage.


Mesomorphs are often hated by both ectomorphs and endomorphs alike because these individuals are naturally muscular (have good bodies) and don't have to work quite as hard to achieve results; they can gain or lose weight with less modification than their counterparts. Just about any human who's ever done extremely well in physique competition has at least some characteristics of a mesomorph. Performance wise, these individuals are typically the all-around athletes and can do well at multiple activities. To be clear, having a mesomorph body type does NOT automatically make you a great athlete; there are far too many other factors that play in.


Last, certainly not least, but probably the biggest: the endomorph. For those aspiring to be a strongman/woman or a defensive linebacker, this body type would provide the advantage. On the flip side, for those interested in a runway modeling career... better think twice. Endomorphs are the opposite of ectomorphs in many respects, naturally carrying more body fat and having larger/thicker bone structures. Endomorphs can gain weight easily; it's dropping weight and keeping it off that becomes their main challenge.

So there ya have it; the quick and dirty on body type or the new word you may have learned today – "somatotype". The most important thing is to understand YOUR body type in terms of physical characteristics, remembering that most people don't fall exactly into one of the three aforementioned groups. With that understanding, you can be less hard on yourself for trying to accomplish a physique or performance pursuit that may be outside your element.

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