What are the benefits of having an online trainer?

I believe one of the biggest benefits is accessibility. You can have support right there and then, when you need it. Whether it’s for a little bump in motivation or a specific question on an exercise or food choice, you can reach me or refer to our plans. People also love the flexibility it allows. I give you all the information to be successful and I help you schedule it around your life’s busy schedule. Not if, but WHEN things don’t go as planned, I’m there to help reschedule and rework the plans so that you stay on track. Instead of missing an-person training appointment and losing money, we find ways to fit everything in. I’m a friend and problem solver, not a drill sergeant. 

How would we get started? What happens after I signup?

I'll send you an email link to download my app. From there, you’re prompted to fill out my 20 Questions health-fitness consultation to so I can learn about you, your health history, and dig into what you really want to accomplish. If local (around northern Ohio), I prefer to schedule to meet right off the bat to perform my in-person movement assessment as well. Once I have all the info I need, I start scheduling workouts and nutrition plans to follow. I’ll have you moving as soon as you’re ready. Typically, I have people completely set up and off to the races the very first day you express commitment.

How often do we communicate?

We communicate as often as needed! On average, I message clients 4 to 6 days per week, in addition to a weekly phone call that lasts between 15–45 minutes. The nature of the format is to talk more often at the beginning as we’re developing habits and I’m doing a lot of teaching; as time progresses and you’re more self-sufficient, we will talk less but I always check-in several times per week whether you reach out or not. Saturday is the only day I’m off the grid, otherwise, you can reach me within a few minutes any time of day. I only work with 10 to 15 people at a time so that I can give proper attention and time.

How quickly should I expect to see results?

This is always a hard one to answer because it obviously depends on your goal and how consistently you follow our roadmap. Results are felt before they are seen and you will feel them immediately. I’m not in the business of selling and empty promises. I hold myself just as accountable, so, we track measurements/photos/bodyweight as well as subjective measures to ensure we are on track and prove what we are doing is working.

How long do people typically work with you?

This is what I absolutely love about the online format… I’m able to work with people for way longer than I used to in person. I have current clients that have been with me for more than six years. I very rarely have those quick turnovers due to how affordable it is and how much value I can provide this way. On average, I’d say people work with me for six months to two years before they’ve graduated –so to speak– to having the knowledge and confidence to completely plan and execute on their own.