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Fitness Penpal
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Ben is kind and knowledgeable, but most importantly, he listens. I have a chronic illness and have very specific needs and limitations. He works with me 1:1 to adapt to my changing health issues.
— Pam Patterson, 58 – Virginia
As I ventured from high school to college, I found myself struggling to maximize my muscle gains. I have Usher Syndrome, a rare degenerative condition that gradually affects my vision and hearing loss. Currently, I’m profoundly deaf, but still have some residual vision It was hard to find a personal trainer that has the ability to understand my condition in order to better accommodate me. I randomly discovered Ben Palocko’s Bodyspace site and saw his body progress pictures. At that time, I did not realize he was also a personal trainer. Once I chose the entire package, I instantly recognized the significance of proper nutrition. Undoubtedly, nutrition is far more responsible for shaping your body and your health than you would ever imagine. I knew he was just different from any other famous personal trainers online; he has been building a rapport with me over two last years. I have learned several things from him. He not only helped me gain muscle mass, but also has reignited my passion for health and fitness more and more as I realized new possibilities of making different healthy food choices. I noticed I get sick less. My body has noticeable improvements, which, in turn, have enhanced my self-esteem and confidence. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel and look great about yourself! I’d like to thank him for helping me gravitate to a healthier lifestyle!
— Eddie Madera, 23 – Georgia
Before working with Ben, I knew nearly nothing about diet plans or fitness routines, causing lack of results and unmotivation in the gym. But now after working with Ben for only 14 months, through his personalized workout plans, I finally feel confident when entering the gym. Being underweight all my life, Ben has helped see results in adding muscle, gaining size, and increasing my strength; all things that I have never had while trying on my own. Working with and communicating with Ben has been incredible. Through emailing or phone, he’s always available to answer any questions I have, or difficulties that I may be facing. His frequent emails of both advice and encouragement have helped me stay motivated throughout the entire process. Being a busy college student, I never thought I had time for a workout routine or diet plan, but Ben has been able to design a program that has helped me see results and gain muscle during times I had never before thought possible. I would recommend personal training with Ben to anyone, as working with him has helped me reach my goal, see real life results, and most of all - gain confidence.
— Isaiah Roberts, 17 – Illinois
After trying on my own to battle obesity for years and having minimal success I decided to seek professional help in the person of Ben. It seems the battle became really hard after turning 40 and when the doctor started mentioning the possibility for diabetes and bad numbers for my cholesterol I had to take action. I had always hated the personal trainers I saw on reality tv so I thought I would never have one. But fortunately I had talked with Ben previously and always found him eager to discuss fitness facts and give direction, so he obviously was the first person I thought to employ as my trainer. I went for the full service program so that I could have unlimited access and gain as much knowledge as possible to help attain my goals. Ben’s questionnaire really helped me outline just what I was eating and how I was exercising. He was able to use this information to make suggestions that would guide me towards my goals both short term and long term. By May 18, 2012 I will running my first 5K in 20 years and hopefully in a year or less I will have lost 50lbs.
— Darnell Walton, 42 – Ohio